DIH2 Marketplace makes more effective the automation value chain for the manufacturing industry by providing an open platform for manufacturing end-users and robotics solutions’ providers, with dynamic networking and interactions between the users, and facilitated by a pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs. Not only manufacturing end-users gain access to robotics and digitisation technologies, but also automation suppliers can reach faster their customers and a bigger market.

The central tools and services offered will be integrated in the DIH2 Marketplace:

  • ‘Robotics On boarding Service’ will be the main entry-point, which allows customers to know up-front the services offered through the Marketplace which can fit their needs and the  ‘LERs on-line support’  provides users support on the resources they might find within the Network.
  • ‘Robotics Repository’ of advanced technologies on Agile Production provided by DIH2 Nodes including:
    • DIH2 Demonstrators
    • DIH2 Facilities where Manufacturing SMEs can demonstrate and pilot new solutions
    • DIH2 Best Practices Repository
  • Technical services such as COPRA-AP and the catalogue of ROSE-APs
  • MOOC on Agile Production
  • IP&ELS Voucher
  • Specific tools for the provision of non-technical services like:
    • a Brokerage tool to facilitate matchmaking between users and suppliers
    • DIH2 Open Calls
    • Investment Diagnostic self-questionnaire to estimate up-front the investment required to implement a projects
    • Offer-match-demand service to manage the ‘Fundraising Management Service’ by linking the user with corporates, investors and business angels.


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