DIH² will release Open Calls for organisations who wish to take part in the DIH² Technology Transfer Program by means of Technology Transfer Experiments (TTE).


‘Open Call. 1st Stage’

260 beneficiaries are expected to be selected in the 1st-stage of the DIH² Open Calls. The critical issues at this stage are the standardisation potentiality of the requested solutions/experiments and the cross-industry approach where the potential of generating new businesses based around platform supply business models can be envisaged.

 The selected Projects will then benefit from the Agility Audit service. The Audits will have 4 main focuses: 1. SME's agility needs (product variants, batch size, skill demand, etc.); 2. Effect on productivity to meet these production demand; 3. Robotics and additional technologies needed for Agile Production; and 4. The identification of business practices and tools in DIH2 network, to bring the recognized capabilities for the SME.


‘Open Call. 2nd Stage’

The best 26 experiments at EU level addressing Agility Challenges will be selected in order to receive full support.

The Technology Transfer Program is as a totally customised service to fit SMEs needs. Each experiment will have the following pool of mentors:

  • The Technologist-in-Residence [TiR] will be a Ph.D or a Senior Researcher, with a wide background in Robotics and Agile Production and with an overall vision of the available technologies/abilities. The technical support to TTEs will be provided by a combination of TiRs from the different DIHs -according with the TTEs needs.
  • The Entrepreneur-in-Residence [EiR] is a senior business profile who will analyse the economic viability of the TTE solution based on its knowledge of the target application market.
  • The Technology Mentor will support TTEs on how to make a better use of existing ROSE-APs which can be used to build concrete instances of the COPRA-AP, how to develop new ROSE-APs and approach their promotion as de-facto standards.
  • The Fundraising Mentor will support the experiments in getting ready for fundraising and coordinating the ‘fast-track access to Corporates’.

Additionally, a Voucher will be offered in TTEs’ request. The ‘TiR Coordinator’, together with the partners of reference in coordinating the services in those domains will support the TTE in finding the most suitable provider according with its needs.

This pool of mentors will act as a kind of Advisory Board for the TTEs. They will be coordinated at the beginning of the Program, will undertake the follow up of the experiments, throughout the 10-months Program and act as the Mentoring Committee.