To reinforce the EU’s competitiveness in Agile Production, DIH2 offers the Common Open Platform Reference Architecture for Agile Production (COPRA-AP). The alignment with open standards for core data integration components and the adoption of an inclusive approach are two main principles followed in the design of the proposed Reference Architecture. The first is aimed at enabling maximum portability and interoperability of systems. It also enables integration of alternative platform components which can be part of the Reference Architecture. The adoption of an inclusive approach, on the other hand, allows the Reference Architecture to be implemented in a variety of ways, integrating best-of-breed platform technologies and products at every moment, tailored to the specific needs of each production process.  A third principle followed in the design of the Reference Architecture is that of non-intrusiveness.  This means that factories should be able to evolve towards adoption of the Reference Architecture, without this forcing the systems already in use to change their internal architecture. The proposed Reference Architecture relies on the implementation of the Industrial Data Space (IDS) Reference Architecture Model using FIWARE technologies.

Alternative platform components which can be picked and integrated together to build concrete platform instances that comply with the COPRA-AP will be listed in a catalogue of ROSE-AP, visible in the DIH2 Marketplace.



COPRA-AP will be based on FIWARE. You can view a series of webinars below, to help you get more familiar with FIWARE.