FEATS: Giving efficiency a lift with automated manufacturing transport.

The development of a standard interface for an automated manufacturing transport system was the brainchild of Dalmasys Lda. (Dalma) and Durit Metalurgia Portuguesa do Tungsténio Lda. (Durit). They put together the FEAT consortium to come up with an automation solution capable of optimising intralogistics tasks in a resilient, scalable way. The “autonomous transport system” was provided by Dalma which had already developed an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), while the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) component was provided by Durit. Together, they seek to automate intralogistics tasks by connecting the ERP system and automated warehouse through a context enabled, open-source framework. The expected result is that the user, whether Durit or another SME will save time and money in the direct manufacturing production process as well as benefit from a more precise, safer and higher quality workflow.