HWFlexCell: Keeping manufacturing SMEs competitive with affordable automated welding.

Smaller manufactures typically struggle to compete with big players when it comes to factory automation. Technical solution provider Flex Hex intends to level the playing field with a plug & play, automated welding solution, FlexCell. The solution consists of a cell that integrates several hexapods, a robot arm and software to program the holding tool – all of which combine to help smaller companies work harder. Flex Hex formed a consortium with manufacturing SME, LT Technologies to further develop and test the automated solution. LT Technologies usually requires high-labour input for welding, even when using a welding robot, which takes significant human involvement. Flex Hex offers FlexCell as a system around which SMEs can build greater welding process agility. It allows quick, flexible reconfiguration of welding production lines for all companies, regardless of the scale of their production line. Flex Hex has already received positive feedback from manufacturing companies that used its Hexapod prototype in the development of their own solutions, including Elvez and BMW, so there is plenty of reason to hope that it’s SME solution will be as successful. FacebookTwitterPrintMore