RoboWeldAR: Cognitive robotic welding for smarter shipbuilding.

European market share of the global shipbuilding market is small. Because low wages and government subsidies in Asia distort the competitive landscape. However, the introduction of RoboWeldAR could boost Europe’s market share by providing an automated welding solution for flexible, highly customised production lines. RoboWeldAR is an innovative, self-navigating robotic welding solution that will revolutionise ship building and repairs. In this experiment four reusable Smart Factory Services will be added on top of the FIWARE platform. All can be adopted for a variety of agile manufacturing (cutting, painting, grinding etc.) and assembly tasks. RoboWeldAR seeks to reduce manufacturing costs while improving welding quality by monitoring KPIs. Importantly, RoboWeldAR will also increase worker safety by preventing exposure to harmful radiation and toxic fumes.