W2: Improving agility alongside production management systems compatibility.

In modern production facilities we no longer shout to each other. Rather, all information needed for effective plant operation is, usually, collected in absolute silence. By sensors. Inspired by this reality, the W2 consortium chose to call its experiment ‘work-whispers,’ a digitalisation exercise that uses new and existing automation hardware to monitor production data and machine status with automatic feedback to ERP, MES and Operators. W2 is made up of Aluro CNC, an established CNC sub-contracting company, and RoboJob, a creator of user friendly robotisation systems. The former company seeks to use automation technologies to boost the efficiency of its machine operators, as well as improve company agility with real-time feedback to its planning and ERP modules. By contrast, RoboJob is using the experiment as an opportunity to develop additional services which connect with production management systems.