Robotics on-boarding

Robotics on-boarding service aims to be the entry point to the DIH² network and help you find your local advisor in robotics.
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     Robotics repository

The Robotics Repository aims to provide more information about the new capabilities of new technologies, and to provide access to the DIH² network facilities.
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     Catalogue of robotics modules

You can reuse software modules for robotics to compose your own complete solutions! Customisation may be required, depending on each module.
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     Online training courses

You can view online training courses for robotics and automation for free.
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     Robotics and Automation Marketplace

Along the above services, DIH² is also joint in RAMP, the Robotics and Automation Marketplace. RAMP can be used by manufacturing SMEs to find Automation Technology providers, robotics integrators, consultancy services on IP and legal issues, as well as access online tools for tendering and collaboration.
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