Daumantas Simėnas

As the CEO I have been leading Lithuanian Robotics Association (LRA) and its members towards growing Lithuanian robotics sector and making it well known to international industry players since 2019. At LRA we strive to become a one-stop-shop for everything related to robotics in Lithuania and we are currently quickly building up the ecosystem around major robotic solution providers and competence centres. Our association engages in promoting robotics & automation and creating a bigger market for robotics in Lithuania as well as consulting companies on R&D and innovation.

As an LER at DIH² we were responsible for creating the Agility Audits and Automation Roadmap methodology and templates that were used to audit 100+ manufacturing SMEs across the EU and helped more than 20 companies guide their way to further automation. As an association we are a manager of Lithuanian robotics DIH (LTroboticsDIH) and we are part of two EU robotics consortia (DIH² and L4MS) with over 30 members in 27 countries as well as a key partner at EDIH Vilnius that got nominated to the European Commission to further implement digitization and automation initiatives in Lithuania and beyond.

Connect with me if you are interested to access top Lithuanian robotics companies and talent: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simenas/

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