LER Stories.

Evangelist noun

\evan.ge.list | \i-van-jə-list

: an enthusiastic advocate

Networks are about connecting people and at the heart of DIH² is a group of people who we call Local Evangelists in Robotics, or LERs for short. They build relationships and advance our cause with amazing passion.

Read their stories below.

I want industry to see the benefits of robots, and understand that robots are about people. A mantra of humans first, robots second.

Daumantas Simėnas, Lithuanian Robotics Association
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I think that people are more open towards robots today than they have ever been but people fear change.


Manuela Azevedo, Produtech
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I’m looking forward to the exchange programme and learning from one of the other DIHs how they work hands-on with SMEs and how their own service structure is built.

Harri Kuusela, VTT
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DIH² has opened doors for us – it was immediately obvious to me that the network offered huge potential.


Jan Piwiński, PIAP
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The DIH² Network offers opportunities to see beyond your own current borders and see what’s happening in other RTOs and innovation centres across Europe.

Jakob Kesteloot, SIRRIS
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Modern manufacturing is under increasing pressure, and there is a requirement to be able to rapidly modify processes within the manufacturing environment.

Elias Kosmatopoulos, CERTH
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That‘s what I love about the DIH² Network - we‘re all in different locations and have different skill sets but {{..}} we all want to make the manufacturing industry better.

Denis Zatyagov, RoboHouse
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During my university studies I was often one of only 2 or 3 women in the class.


Sabine Giron, IMR
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I’d like to see robots do the jobs that I don’t want either my children or my parents to have to do.


Jesús Pablo González, Eurecat
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